Kamali’i Counseling Center supports the ongoing access to quality mental health services and support by offering a variety of therapeutic options.

Individual Therapy $150
Family Therapy $225
Group TherapyTBD

Therapy is provided by Licensed Professionals and Registered Associates that include:

  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Clinical Social Workers
  • Professional Clinical Counselors

Kamali’i Counseling Center (KCC) is a fee-for-service provider. We are able to offer a Superbill for client’s who wish to seek reimbursement from their healthcare insurance provider as an out-of-network provider. Client’s may also alternatively wish to use Reimbursify to seek reimbursement.

This complimentary service is provided for all potential clients to discuss challenges you may be facing and to determine if we may be able to best meet your needs. Calls may last up to 15 minutes in duration.

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